Caroline Geys was born on April 30, 1980 in Wilryk, Belgium (fluent in Flemish/Vlaams) and moved to Orlando, Florida with her family in 1983. Inspired by her father’s private art collection, she began drawing at the age of 7. At an early age, Caroline ventured with her father to auctions and galleries and began to develop an artistic eye fueled by the diversity of the art she was constantly exposed to.

When Caroline visited New York City for the first time. The art, architecture and city’s energy immediately drew her in and served as the basis of her inspiration. At that time, Caroline attended the University of Florida’s Business School in Gainesville, FL, and enjoyed her first exhibit in Gainesville, FL. Shortly thereafter, Caroline moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to complete her Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Florida Atlantic University with a double major in; Marketing and Real Estate. Although she took a few different types of art classes throughout college, she is a self-taught artist who developed her own style sans influences from traditional fine art educators or coursework.

Upon receiving a marketing and public relations position at an architecture firm in the Miami area, Caroline moved to Miami Beach in August 2005. She was employed at the firm for two and a half years concurrently nurturing and executing her own ne artwork. Since her first exhibit in Gainesville, Caroline has had numerous well-received exhibitions of her paintings in New York, South Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California. She works in a wide-range of mediums; paintings, drawings, graphic design, sculpture, installations, and custom apparel. In May 2011 she moved to Los Angeles, California. She is currently working for her second architecture firm in Los Angeles in marketing services, with a specialization in the Pre-K-12 Education and Civic Studios and is simultaneously making her artistic imprint on the West Coast.

Since residing in Los Angeles, Caroline created an installation at The Standard’s “The Box” in West Hollywood and exhibited in a group show at The Standard in Downtown. She also had two solo exhibitions in the winter of 2014 at unknown gallery in Venice and in the summer of 2012 at Ann 330 Gallery in Hollywood.

Caroline has been collaborating with since the summer of 2014 with various educational and street art projects, two outdoor murals and two utility boxes as part of the ‘Beautify HIFI’ utility box project in Historic Filipinotown. In April, 2015 at the A+D Musuem (Architecture and Design), she was the exhibition designer and assistant curator for’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition. CityLife is the museums’ educational program dedicated to teaching teens about Los Angeles art, architecture and culture.

Artist Statement

As a multimedia artist I alternate between painting, drawing, graphic design, installation, sculpture and apparel. My work is consistently inspired by colorful urban landscapes and animal imagery. Several dimensions of my childhood and early adult- hood are reoccurring themes that compose the infusion amongst the cityscapes and animal conformations.

The architectural imaginings are the result of a creative spark, beginning at 19 with my first visit to New York City. It continues to serve as an inspiration and has progressed into non-representational aspects that are non-literal architectural compositions. In the most recent series, I focus on the exploration of various individual forms that make up a city: the micro within a macro dynamic including: architecture, topography, and cultural and physical infrastructure. Essentially, encompassing the idea of organic vs. environmental and the nature of urban development.

Every line, dot and color illustrates a connection made among these elements as they meld and recreate each other, serving as points of growth within a composition. Specifically, in the way larger cities accumulate architecture over time and the difference in landscapes between urban and rural locations. Each painting, drawing and design is developed similarly to the advancement of these cities with progressive transformation appearing over time, ultimately coming together to form an unexpected and harmonious whole.

Both series, cityscapes and animal conformations, reflect the evolution of my work ranging through life transitions, pedagogy and nostalgia. Their commonality is integrating the ongoing debate nurture vs. nature or in my case, environmental vs. living. The idea directly ties into my drawings as a young girl. In addition, it functions as an ode to Nietzsche’s Encapsulation of Metamorphoses: the camel, the lion, and the child. Juxtaposing the natural and linear, while blending the two, creating moments that exude a chaotic delicacy.

The animals are reoccurring sentimental characters using embedded childhood imagery of organic animal shapes, which include elephants, birds and reptiles. These objects have become more than memories, they are a global symbolism reflecting an entire generation; this is why nostalgic allegories appear, such as Pacman and dinosaurs. Furthermore, these objects have transformed into a layering technique creating a two-dimensional and origami appearance. The word origami translates into folding, the two-dimensional creases denote recollections that have been tucked away or completely lost. The openings of shapes signify our collective memories that cannot be forgotten.

Since my work stretches into various media’s so does my thinking, fueling a velocity of ideas from one medium to another yielding one consistent factor, color. I experiment with color palettes in all of my series; it is a part of my expression, throughout life’s paradigms, exploring the metamorphosis within the context of my life as a visual artist.


1980 Born Wilryk, Belgium

2005 | Florida Atlantic University
Bachelor of Business Administration | Double Major in Marketing and Real Estate

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Los Angeles, California - unknown gallery, Venice
“An Exploration from Childhood into Feminine Urban Modernism”

2012 Los Angeles, California – The Standard Hotel, Hollywood Installation at “The Box” for “Grow Till Tall Olifant”

2012 Los Angeles, California – Ann 330 Gallery “Grow Till Tall Olifant”

2009 Miami, Florida – Inter-Design Building, Art Basel “Juliette’s Lofts”

2008 Miami Beach, Florida – Residences of Gansevoort South, Art Basel “Favelas”

2007 Miami, Florida - Circa 28, 2nd Floor Gallery Space Wynwood 2nd Saturday’s Art Walk

Group Exhibitions

2013 Los Angeles, California - The Standard, Downtown SSNS001 // COSMIC SESSION

2011 Los Angeles, California – Mark Moore Gallery 826 LA Benefit (Non-Profit Organization)

2011 Miami, Florida – Independent Thinkers Art Basel (December)

2010 Miami, Florida – Art Miami
Art Basel (December)/Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery

2010 Miami, Florida – Mi Cielo Art Basel (December)

2010 Bridgehampton, New York – Hamptons Art Fair Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery

2010 New York City, New York – Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery Summer Group Exhibition June-September

2010 Miami, Florida – Wynwood Lofts Art Complex
artennae global art consulting - signals: “artchitexture and photography”

2009 Miami, Florida – Wynwood Lofts Art Complex, Art Basel
artennae global art consulting - signals: “artchitexture and photography”

2009 Miami, Florida – Mitrani Warehouse, Art Basel Miami Independent Thinkers

2009 Raleigh, North Carolina – LoDi Project Space “Architectural Spaces”

2008 Coconut Grove, Florida Gallery Jax Inaugural Opening

Special Projects

2014-2015 BeautifyEarth, Los Angeles/California
Mural for Infuse Wellness, Santa Monica/California
‘Move with Me’ Mural for Elite Appliances, Santa Monica/California
Beautify HIFI - Utility Box Project - Historic Filipinotown/Calfifornia Kids Venice Basketball Leauge - Teaching children art program

2010-2012 Art House Co-op – Sketchbook Library Project, Brooklyn/New York
Two sketchbook submissions – Second included in the International Project

2009 New York City/New York
Designed skins for removable skins for ipods, phones and gaming devices

2009 We Love Colors Miami/Florida
Collaboration for one-of-a-kind Caroline Geys tights sold via, Charlie & Sam Boutique, New York and Scope Art Fair, Art Basel Miami

2009 Art Studio Miami Miami/Florida
Teamed in the development of collateral, web and branding materials

2007 Mood, Outright Rock Records New York/New York Design of Album Cover

2006 Modernage, Prilla Records Miami/Florida Design of CD package

2005 Plant Music, New York/New York Design of CD booklet and Package


2015 Nue Magazine - Caroline Geys & Friends - Vortex Leggings, Fall Edition (Upcoming)

2014 City Centric Magazine - Caroline Geys, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis Issues (April-May)

2012 LA Pop Magazine - Caroline Geys, October

2012 – The Box: From Start to Finish with Caroline Geys, August

2012 (LIA) Blog – Caroline Geys “Grow Till Tall Olifant”, August

2011 – The Fives: Rising Art Star Caroline Geys, April

2010 – At Kill Your Idol with Caroline Geys, June

2010 Ocean Drive – Bright Young Things, May

2010 WLRN – Art Street Segment, February 7

2009 Glamour Latin - Culture Section, December

Miami Modern Luxury “The Gifted Class”, “Arts and Power” issue, December

Miami New Times “Holiday Gifts” – Caroline Geys Music Skins & Tights, December “Fashion Tips from small-spending stylistas”, October

Level Magazine “Key Players”, “Her’s” Issue, May

2008 Ocean Drive Magazine “Almost Famous”, “Art Basel” Issue, December

Gen Art Pulse Miami “Caroline in the City”, May

Private Collections

Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery, New York City, New York

We Love Colors, Miami, Florida

LG Art Gallery, Orlando, Florida

Donations, 826 LA Benefit, Children’s Trust Miami Heart Gallery Benefit, New York’s Rema Hort Mann Foundation Art Benefit, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gala

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